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A Brilliant Sales Email [Share this with your team]

Posted by Matt Bertuzzi on Wed, Jul 25, 2012

The other day I received a prospecting email that really impressed me.

The seller, Josh Mellott from Manticore Technology, was putting me through a well-executed prospecting process – combining voice and email touches.

I, like most prospects, was ignoring him. Until he sent me this note: 

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Can't Get Anyone on the Phone?

Posted by Matt Bertuzzi on Thu, Feb 24, 2011

Yesterday I was extremely lucky to see Steve Richard, Vorsight’s Head Sales Prospecting Trainer, present at the Boston Chapter of the AA-ISP. The topic, "I can't get anyone on the phone" certainly had everyone's attention.

Steve led off with this question:

How many dials does it take your Reps to get 1 connect?

He then shared the following metric from the folks at ConnectAndSell: 22

Based on millions of calls across all industries, and into small, medium & large businesses, the system-wide Connect Rate so far for 2010 is 4.5%. Or 22 dials for 1 connect with the person you are trying to reach.

Steve laid out a series of factors that are contributing to 21 of 22 dials resulting in non-connects. Here are 3 points that really stood out for me:

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Sales Productivity Tips in 10 Seconds or Less

Posted by Trish Bertuzzi on Tue, Jul 27, 2010

Being such a fan of twitter (@bridgegroupinc), I thought it would be interesting to ask some fellow “twiteratti” to contribute sales productivity tips.  But, of course they had to do so in 140 characters - or just about 10 seconds - or less!  It was a fun and interesting exercise.

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B2B Sales Reps Need to Become Better Marketers

Posted by Trish Bertuzzi on Tue, Feb 23, 2010

This is a guest post by Chad Levitt, author of the New Sales Economy blog that explores using social media, sales 2.0 and inbound marketing as a B2B sales strategy for the Web 2.0 world.

Here are three realities in the B2B Sales profession:

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