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A Brilliant Sales Email [Share this with your team]

by Matt Bertuzzi on Wed, Jul 25, 2012

The other day I received a prospecting email that really impressed me.

The seller, Josh Mellott from Manticore Technology, was putting me through a well-executed prospecting process – combining voice and email touches.

I, like most prospects, was ignoring him. Until he sent me this note: 

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I appreciated his diligence and wanted to let him know I wasn’t a prospect for him. I responded:

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It was what Josh did next that really impressed me

Before I share his response, I have a question for you. Faced with this email, how would your reps have responded?

In my experience, responses fall into one of three categories:

  • The D.B. Cooper – gone without a trace
    Reps will disengage, mark for nurture and are never heard from again.
    Sales Effectiveness: 0/3
    Buyer Annoyance: 0/3
    Net return: 0
  • The Bulldozer – entirely ignore the objection
    So happy to have an actual email reply, the rep will rush to close on a meeting. Any trace of the objection will be buried under client quotes, benefit statements, ROI metrics and anything else that happens to be at hand.
    Sales Effectiveness: 1/3
    Buyer Annoyance: 2/3
    Net return: -1
  • The Reframer – the fine art of objection response
    Rather than ignoring the objection, or burying it under a mountain of other data, the reframe is about acknowledging, redirecting & teaching the prospect to see something in a new light.
    Sales Effectiveness: 2/3
    Buyer Annoyance: 1/3
    Net return: 1

I hope I haven’t tipped my hand too much as to which category I prefer.

And now, Josh’s response

(Click to view larger)

That’s it.

In fewer than 40 words, Josh acknowledged my objection, redirected my line of thinking and showed me a perspective I’d hadn’t even considered.

This is what a Reframer does. And this is powerful selling.


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