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4 Outbound Prospecting Metrics You Should Know [New Research]

Posted by Matt Bertuzzi on Tue, Sep 24, 2013

I am unbelievably excited to release Issue #2 of the Outbound Index.

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Topics: lead generation, metrics, sales techniques

How Has Managing Lead Generation Changed [2012 Metrics Report]

Posted by Matt Bertuzzi on Wed, Jun 20, 2012

It's official! Our 2012 Lead Generation Metrics & Compensation Report is now available.

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Social Selling as the New Sales Skill

Posted by Trish Bertuzzi on Wed, Aug 24, 2011

I have a confession to share – I have gone through the full 5-stage Kübler-Ross coping model with the buzz around Social Selling.

Here’s how it went:

  • Stage 1: Denial
    Oh brother, another prospecting upgrade that trashes everything that came before it. This can’t be happening again.
  • Stage 2: Anger
    Are you kidding me?!! “Social” doesn’t sell – people do.
  • Stage 3: Bargaining
    I actually like what Nigel Edelshain has to say about Social Calling, maybe we can take the best prospecting tips and leave the BS Bingo behind.
  • Stage 4: Depression
    Who am I to fight the tide of the next great buzzword? 
    -and finally-
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Topics: lead generation, sales techniques

Prospecting Post-Mortem: 23 Sales Processes Reviewed

Posted by Matt Bertuzzi on Tue, Apr 26, 2011

Having Sales Reps prospect me is one of the most eye opening parts of my job.

Being a quant type of guy (nerd might fit too), I decided to track & categorize the sales processes that Reps have put me through over the last few weeks.

Here’s what I saw:

23 sales processes
13 sent a single email
6 added 1 call to the email
2 executed a generic 3+ touch process
2 executed 4+ touches (and sounded like they knew about my concerns & day-to-day role)

By my math, that's a less than 9% of Reps doing something more than drive-by prospecting. This left me wondering, what is it that drives 1 Rep to commit to a process – where 9 others fall short?

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Topics: sales process, lead generation, lead qualification

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