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New Thinking for a New Wave of Sales Candidates

Posted by Sally Duby on Wed, Nov 04, 2015

It’s a tough hiring market -- especially for SDR and AE roles. In some locations (San Francisco, New York, and Boston), it has become almost impossible.

I know from speaking with Sales Leaders (and from our research) that companies are being forced to hire younger and less experienced reps. It seems “straight out of college” has become the new “1-2 years of experience” and that “minimum of 1 year of selling” has replaced “3+ years in a sales capacity.”

By this point, if you don’t have a healthy number of “Millennials” on your team, you’re in the minority. Despite the stereotypes (social media-obsessed, marriage-delaying, selfie-addicts), Millennials actually stay longer with their employers than the previous generation.

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3 Salesforce Hacks Your Inside Reps Will Be Thankful For

Posted by Matt Bertuzzi on Tue, Nov 25, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends. I want to share 3 quick changes to CRM that will most certainly make your reps thankful.

None of these are my original ideas and I'm thankful to the amazing Salesforce community for sharing them with me.

1) Display the timezone of a phone number

This one comes from my good friend and Salesforce mentor, Becka Dente.

You can add this formula field to accounts, contacts, and/or leads. Reps can then build and sort lists based on timezone. It's unbelievably useful for bunching calls together.

if( ISBLANK(Phone),"--",  if( CONTAINS( "206: 209: 213: 253: 310: 323: 360: 408: 415: 425: 503: 509: 510: 530: 559: 562: 604: 619: 626: 650: 661: 702: 707: 714: 760: 775: 778: 805: 818: 831: 858: 867: 909: 916: 925: 949: 951: 971: 424: 442: 541: 657", left( SUBSTITUTE( Phone , "(", ""),3)),"Pacific", 

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3 Thoughts On Stopping Sales Rep Turnover

Posted by Matt Bertuzzi on Wed, Jan 08, 2014

A couple of emails hit my inbox last week back-to-back.

The first was from Glassdoor, Best Places to Work 2014, announcing their 6th annual employee choice awards. The second was from Craig Ferrara of AG Salesworks, 7 Things I Want My Inside Sales Team To Know For 2014.

Now, I love Glassdoor. It's the best way to get the inside dish on the Pros and Cons of working at a given company. So I wondered, what if I grabbed a bunch of those reviews and compared them to Craig’s list?

Experiment time!

Here is the process I used:

  • Logged into Glassdoor and picked out the B2B tech companies from the Top 50
  • Drilled into Sales reviews only (inside, AEs, SDRs, etc.)
  • Exported the most recent 100 reviews

I got busy parsing and found something pretty interesting.

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This is Water. This is Selling.

Posted by Matt Bertuzzi on Thu, May 16, 2013

Have you seen the video built around David Foster Wallace's 2005 This is Water commencement address? It has been making the rounds and is currently at 4.5M views (nearly .3% of Gangnam Style fame).

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