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Be Greedy When Others Are Fearful: One VP's Perspective on the Phone

Posted by Trish Bertuzzi on Fri, May 12, 2017

Call avoidance. It was a problem in 1997, 2007, and most assuredly is still a problem in 2017.

Today, sales leaders are battling rep reluctance, generational preference, and vendor “thought leadership” blasting the phone as antiquated. This is both an easy sell and entirely wrongheaded. Great SDRs, great AEs, and great leaders have grit. Cultivating grit requires embracing tension, encountering pushback, and experiencing confrontation.

That’s why I’m happy to share this tongue-in-cheek post from Matt Amundson, VP of Sales Development and Field Marketing at Everstring. Mastering the phone is an out-of-the-box skill of exactly no one. Which is why it is so important that leaders help their teams develop these skills. Without further ado, here’s Matt.

You know when you read something and it really sets you off? Something you disagree with so deeply that you can’t help not responding? That happened to me when I ran across Emails Only Please - 10 Reasons Why Phone Calls Are a Waste of Time shared on LinkedIn as a reason to not make sales calls.

Let me save you a click and offer my rebuttal.

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Want to Recruit Top Candidates? Do This One Thing

Posted by Matt Bertuzzi on Tue, May 02, 2017

Daily, I hear sales leaders commenting how hard it is to find great candidates in this market. A search I ran on LinkedIn this morning bears this out.

In just the last 15 days, 468 companies posted “Account Executive” openings in Boston alone. That’s a rate of five new postings per business hour. Beyond the sheer volume, we’re also missing the mark in messaging (see below). It’s no wonder the majority of posts on LinkedIn get fewer than 10 applicants.

While there’s no silver bullet, there is a relatively simple step that too many companies miss:

Build and share a role elevator pitch.

We tackled this idea in our ebook, The Sales Hiring Hourglass, but I want to expand on the topic a bit.

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2017 SaaS AE Metrics Report

Posted by Matt Bertuzzi on Thu, Mar 23, 2017

In the SaaS world, metrics can be finicky beasts. What works at LinkedIn, Salesforce, Twilio, or Zendesk might not be transferable from one to the other, let alone work for you.

Questions around how can I benchmark myself make leading an AE group all the more challenging. In our 2017 SaaS AE Metrics & Compensation Report, we analyze the biggest shifts in recent years and provide core metrics to measure AE teams. We also break findings down by company revenue, ACV, and other factors.

This is our sixth round of this research project and I can honestly say it's our best release yet. The report is organized into five sections:

  1. Group Structure
  2. Ramp and Retention
  3. Quota and Compensation
  4. Activity and Technologies
  5. AE Leadership

384 Executives from a broad diversity of SaaS companies participated. 89% were headquartered in North America. Median respondent revenue was $27M and median respondent ACV was $25K.

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Making Salesforce Work for SDRs

Posted by Matt Bertuzzi on Thu, Mar 16, 2017

Do your SDRs often remark about how much they love using Salesforce? Do they feel bad for peers at other companies with poorly configured CRMs? Are they thankful that, unlike those poor sods, they aren’t drowning in manual steps and byzantine processes.

I suspect this isn’t a sentiment you hear very often.

I’ve asked dozens of SDRs to describe the experience of doing their jobs inside Salesforce. The responses ranged from “death by a thousand cuts” to “running in mud wearing cement shoes” to “sitting in the dentist’s chair five days a week.” I once heard “it’s fine” and considered that rather high praise indeed.

For all the attention and buzz the SDR role has received, the way companies support sales development in Salesforce hasn’t advanced much in the last 10 years. Where AE, managers, and senior leaders have been drowning in innovation and improvement, SDRs have been logging clicks and filling fields in ways that would be entirely familiar to a time traveler from 2008.

So I wrote a book about fixing it.

Lightning Sales Ops was just released. I interviewed 34 sales executives, SDR leaders, marketers, operations pros, and Salesforce admins for this book. I hope the stories, strategies, and thinking I share will inspire you.

It's a book for SDR managers and biz ops / marketing ops / sales ops pros. It’s a book with five parts:

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