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Matt Bertuzzi

Matt bleeds blogs, business books and inside sales. He is never short an answer to the question, “Read or see anything interesting lately?” Matt works with Bridge Group clients on tools, roadmaps, and advice around inside sales. Internally for The Bridge Group, he works on technology, content, and other (fun!) projects.

Recent Posts

State of the B2B Labor Market: Q1 2021 Edition

Posted by Matt Bertuzzi on Fri, Mar 19, 2021

We’ve been closely following the B2B tech hiring market over the last twelve months. And with the Bureau Labor Statistics releasing the new Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary (JOLTS) last week, I thought now was a good time to take stock.

Compared to the trough (mid 2020) things are massively improved. But compared to the peak (late 2019) we aren’t yet fully recovered. Here are four things I’m seeing: 

1) Layoffs are well behind us

Back in May 2020, I looked at 200 funded B2B SaaS companies and found:

  • Hiring freezes roared into April and turned to layoffs by May
  • By the middle of Q2 2020, 40%+ of companies had laid off SDRs, AEs, and AMs
  • Job losses peaked in late Q3
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The 2021 SDR Metrics Report is Here

Posted by Matt Bertuzzi on Thu, Feb 11, 2021

UPDATE: The 2023 Sales Development Metrics Report is published and available for download.

For obvious reasons, 2020 will be remembered for COVID-19.

While some implications already seem apparent (hanging out slacking on teamed zooms, remote work, inside selling), many will take time to become perceptible.

It’s been said 1,000 times but remains true. The pandemic accelerated many pre-existing trends.

In our just released 2021 SDR Metrics & Compensation Report, we analyze the shifts in sales development over recent years and which trends have accelerated. We dig into areas like motion, model, ramp, promotions, attrition, activity, comp, tech stack, and front-line leadership.

About the Participants

This is our eighth round of this research project and I can tell you it's our best one yet. This year, 406 Executives from a broad range of B2B companies participated. (91% with HQs in North America, median respondent revenues of $35M, and median ASP/ACV at $55K).

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New Data on How SDR to AE Promotions Have Slowed

Posted by Matt Bertuzzi on Thu, Dec 03, 2020

I saw an interesting LinkedIn post from Tito Bohrt the other day. He wrote:

Promotions from SDR to AE have slowed down in 2020…. The question is how to you prevent SDR burnout?


I think Tito’s intuition is spot on, but I wondered how much and where the slow down is occurring.  So, I ran some numbers.

I started by identifying 14 SaaS companies who:

  • Have 150+ total employees
  • Have SDRs (or ADRs, BDRs, etc.)
  • Promote SDR into AE roles

I ended up with a list of 200 US-based reps who started as SDRs in 2017, 2018, or 2019. 2020 hires won’t yet have the tenure to be captured, so I excluded them from the data. Here’s what I found.

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Participate in 2020 SDR Research

Posted by Matt Bertuzzi on Thu, Aug 20, 2020

 border=After much delay (and many pings asking when we're launching), today we launch our 2020 Sales Development research.

This is our 8th iteration of this project. This edition is more streamlined than prior years and will take ~5 minutes to complete. If you lead an ADR/BDR/SDR group, please participate

We had originally planned to launch this round in April.

And then...Covid.

My original thinking was to punt till 2021. But the volume of inbound emails asking for the timing of our new edition convinced me to reconsider. We have redesigned this year’s survey (ever so slightly) to help determine how things are changing. But, equally importantly, we want to focus in on what outperformance looks like in this environment. 

As always, all answers will be aggregated anonymously. We’ll be sharing the results with you and the rest of the community in the coming months. I appreciate that so many of you take the time to share. We couldn’t do it without you.


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