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AE and Sales Leader Compensation Calculator

by Matt Bertuzzi on Thu, Jun 15, 2017

Over the last few months, we published our latest research reports on the Account Executive role (AEs, ISRs, etc.). Both the SaaS and non-SaaS versions are currently available. The reports provide base and on-target earnings for the AE role—both averages and broken down by specific factors.

A number of readers have emailed in and the top three requests have been:

  1. Update the 2015 calculator with the latest data (allow tailoring by geography, rep experience, ASP, etc.)
  2. Add a sheet for manager, director, and VP compensation as well
  3. Port the calculator over to Google Sheets

Well, we've done all three. Welcome to our new and improved AE & Inside Sales Leader Compensation Calculator (now available both in Excel and Sheets formats).


What’s new and noteworthy?

  • Comp reached all time highs.
    On-target earnings are up across the board. This is particularly true at the high end (i.e., high ASP, most senior sellers).
  • Sell SaaS? Earn a 6% premium.
    Controlling for as many variables as we could, we found that SaaS sellers earn more. On average, about 6% more than technology or service-selling peers.
  • Several metro markets are off the charts.
    Looking for senior talent to close enterprise deals in the Bay Area, NYC, etc.? Get ready to pay. To avoid skewing results for entire regions, we remove a chunk of rows from the data set. Net net, expect to pay another 12-20% on top of the calculated results.

Where did the data come from?

Exec-summary version: Survey responses from 336 B2B companies + a lot of Excel. The calculator should give you a good target. You know your local market factors, so adjust up or down as needed.

Nerd version: Multiple linear regression using several explanatory variables (geography, ASP, experience prior to hire, delivery model, level of leadership) to predict the outcome of the response variable (OTE). R-squared = .61.

Note: if you are looking for SDR compensation, you want this one instead. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.


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