The Bridge Group

B2B AE Inside Sales Report

Metrics and Compensation Research
Across 266 B2B Companies

We studied 266 B2B technology companies. This report is focused on the AE (closing role).

Whether you are building out your strategy or looking to align an existing group with industry standards, we hope this report will provide useful insight and guidance.

We’ve organized the report into five sections:

  • Group structure
  • Ramp and retention
  • Quota and compensation
  • Activity and technologies
  • AE leadership


AE Metrics & Compensation


Inside Sales Consulting & Execution Services

Strategic Assessment
We rapidly translate what we uncover into the plays, process, and metrics you need to grow.

Sales Playbooks
We give every rep the tools, tactics and messaging to prospect and sell like your best.

Training & Coaching
We work with your reps to hone their abilities, spark prospect interest and generate opportunities.

Advisory Services
With our expertise and bandwidth, our team delivers insight, clarity and guidance.

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