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Should You Replace Your SDRs with Automation?

Posted by Trish Bertuzzi on Thu, May 21, 2015

One of the best parts of my job is talking to entrepreneurs in the sales technology space. The other day, I took a call from a stealth-mode founder with a bold vision.

Here’s his pitch:

If you’re generating inbound leads and are focused on setting introductory meetings/demos for sales reps, technology can replace your entire SDR team.

Provocative, right?

He argued that for many inbound SDR organizations, all they do is push the meeting. They send email after email and answer every question a prospects asks with “you’ll find that out if you take the meeting.”

In a way, I agree with him. Far too many teams are doing little more than identifying the guy, checking for a pulse, and closing on the meeting. There’s little-to-no vision creation or pain/consequence discovery. This approach can work beautifully when the goal is "getting more and more at bats” for the sales team.

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The Real Difference Between a Director and Inside Sales Manager

Posted by Trish Bertuzzi on Wed, Apr 15, 2015

I don’t think anyone would argue that the quality of the executive who leads your Inside Sales team makes or breaks its success.

A few times a month, companies will reach out to me looking for a “rockstar” Inside Sales Manager. I’ll ask a few questions about what the person will need to accomplish and, quite often, suggest they set their sights on a Director-level candidate.  Better to spend more in compensation than to hire someone who lacks the skills to get the job done.

There is a real difference in aptitude and attitude between the two. Here’s my take:

Inside Sales Manager– Not to be cute, but a Manager does just that… they manage. They manage people, they manage metrics, and they manage processes.
Inside Sales Director
– A Director has the skills and experience to not only execute, but to also identify issues and course correct. They take the overall goals and rough plan delivered by the executive team and drive results.

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Inside Sales Comp Calculator: Base Salary & OTE

Posted by Matt Bertuzzi on Thu, Mar 19, 2015

Over the last few months, we've published our 2015 research reports on the AE/ISR role (SaaS and non-SaaS versions).

Those reports provide closing rep compensation averages - both generally and broken down by several factors. A number of readers have emailed in to ask what base and OTE should look for them (based on geo, rep experience, ASP, etc.).

I've built a Inside Sales Comp Calculator to try to answer that. 

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Inside Sales Onboarding: An Interview with a Sales Enablement Pro

Posted by Trish Bertuzzi on Thu, Mar 05, 2015

We all know that ramp time is a KPI for inside sales organziations. From our 2015 inside sales research, we also know that the percentage of companies with 5+ month ramp time has tripled since 2010.

Online survey software company Qualtrics takes this seriously. And judging by their Glassdoor reviews, they are nailing it. 

Recently, I had a chance to speak with Charlie Besecker their Head of Sales Development, Sales Enablement and Professional Development. I asked him a few questions that I thought would be of interest to the inside sales community.

When did onboarding become a mission for Qualtrics?

When given the assignment of revamping our onboarding process, I asked what our ultimate goal was, "How will we know when we’ve been successful?" The response was daunting: “You know how Xerox, IBM, and Pitney Bowes, became synonymous with world class training and are spoken about for decades to come? Like that.”

As cheesy as it is, we started with a

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2015 Research: SaaS and the AE/ISR Role

Posted by Matt Bertuzzi on Tue, Feb 10, 2015

What happens when 342 SaaS companies share key metrics for their inside sales closers (AE, ISRs, etc.)?

Forty-six pages of analysis, metrics, comp data, and trends.

I'm extremely happy to share our new research report: 2015 Inside Sales Metrics for SaaS. A huge thank you to the community whose participation made it possible.

Here's a peek at what we cover in the report.

Part 1: Group Structure

If you spend any time reading sales blogs, you'd think nearly every SaaS company has implemented tripod role specialization: SDR, closer, and farmer.

Turns out the reality is closer to 4 in 10. As you might expect, ACV comes into play for both the requirement and the ability to finance a 'tripod' team.

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