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How LogMeIn Uses Personalized Sales Formulas

Posted by Trish Bertuzzi on Wed, Dec 02, 2015

Josh Allen is a sales leadership veteran. From inside sales rep to manager to EMEA sales director to current VP of Sales at LogMeIn, Josh has a track record of leading successful teams. We recently sat down to discuss how he thinks about and measures KPIs for his sales reps.

(Note: LogMeIn is a remote access software/SaaS company with a higher-volume, lower-ASP model.)

Josh and LogMeIn have departed from traditional (one-size-fits-all) sales KPIs in favor of customized metrics for each and every sales rep.

"We've tried cookie cutter KPIs – for example, everybody has to make 60 dials a day, create 5 new opportunities a week, etc.  But when you apply KPIs broadly across different sales teams, and try to graph it, you're going to have people who are on the high end and the low end. And very few people who are actually meeting the target."

Rather than apply uniform metrics, they decided to build a formula that would be as customized as possible to the individual sales rep. Using historical sales performance, they isolate that specific individual’s metrics.

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Participate in 2016 Sales Development Research

Posted by Matt Bertuzzi on Wed, Oct 21, 2015

Today, we launch our Sales Development research focused on teams generating pipeline (aka SDRs, BDRs, LDRs, etc.).

This is our sixth round of research, since 2007. The key themes we'll explore include:

  • Rep profiles: experience, tenure, ramp time, career path
  • Compensation: base, OTE, comparisons between roles
  • Quotas: pay on what, average quotas, % attainment
  • Technology: categories, adoption, impact

We worked hard to make this year’s survey easier and it will take roughly 6 minutes to complete. If you lead a Sales Development group, please participate

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Inside Sales Comp Calculator: Base Salary & OTE

Posted by Matt Bertuzzi on Thu, Mar 19, 2015

Over the last few months, we've published our 2015 research reports on the AE/ISR role (SaaS and non-SaaS versions).

Those reports provide closing rep compensation averages - both generally and broken down by several factors. A number of readers have emailed in to ask what base and OTE should look for them (based on geo, rep experience, ASP, etc.).

I've built a Inside Sales Comp Calculator to try to answer that. 

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How 2015 Ready Are You?

Posted by Cindy Littlefield on Wed, Dec 10, 2014

I opened my email this morning and was bombarded by advice on how to end the year with a bang.

For most of us, those with longer sales cycles, that horse has left the barn. Trying to course correct now is too little, too late.

I'm sure you've spent countless hours on strategy and planning for next year. I'm asking you to spend 5 more minutes. As inside sales leaders, the next few days and weeks are the perfect time to assess your readiness for 2015.

I've created a 2015 Readiness Scorecard to make it easy for you.

With the scorecard you can assess your team's readiness for 2015 against:

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