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What you missed at the Inside Sales Leadership Summit

Posted by Trish Bertuzzi on Fri, Apr 20, 2012

This week I had the pleasure of attending the AA-ISP Leadership Summit. Roughly 400 inside sales execs from a diverse group of industries were in attendance.

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Quick Thought for a Short Week [the Jobs book]

Posted by Matt Bertuzzi on Mon, Nov 21, 2011

"There's something happening here." That was the thought that went through my head when I learned that three folks I respect tremendously (Paul Roetzer, David Meerman Scott & Mitch Joel) are all reading the same book:

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.

My second thought was back to a piece of advice from Trish’s new ebook Sales Onboarding: the express route from hire-to-revenue.

So heading over to Amazon, I was blown away to see the Jobs book at #2 in the Top 100 Books (not just business booksall books).

I’d argue that if your perfect buyer cares deeply about:

  • Products
  • Marketing
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
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Topics: cold calling, inside sales tips, inside sales strategy

Sales Presentations that Don’t Suck [Share this with your team]

Posted by Matt Bertuzzi on Tue, Sep 20, 2011

I've been a bit obsessed with sales presentations lately. Not so much on construction of attractive slides, but on the requirement to tell a compelling story via the world's most torturous medium: PowerPoint.

In the Inside Sales world, Reps work incredibly hard to earn 10, 20 or 30 minute discovery/needs analysis calls. At presentation time, we’ve got (at least in theory) guaranteed prospect attention.

But far too often, we squander all that preceding effort by confusing, boring or annoying prospects while generally failing to move the sales process forward.

I just came across this eBook from the folks over at SalesCrunch called "Designing Presentations That Sell." And let me tell you, it rocks. (Note: I wouldn't normally link to registration required content - but it is that good.)

In the eBook, presentation designer Jan Schultink goes through 3 acts: Images, Stories & Content. I thought I’d share the bits that most impacted me.

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Topics: inside sales tips, inside sales management, best practices

Take the Social Media “Too Much Yappin’” Quiz

Posted by Trish Bertuzzi on Wed, Jun 01, 2011

I recently discovered a blog that I really enjoy - Pam Moore’s The Marketing Nut.

With her permission I’ve excerpted parts of her Social Media: A Little Less Talk and a Little More Action Please. The full post is well worth the read, but I want to focus on her “Too Much Yappin’” Test. 

To set the stage Pam asks:

Seriously folks, are you drinking too much of the social conversation Kool-aid? Do you really think that all you have to do is be social and the Twitter bird is going to deliver a basket of ROI to save your butt and justify all that yappin’ you’re doin’?

More action please!
If yer “yapper” is yappin’ your audience should be clickin’! Inspire your audience to action at every turn. As Brian Solis states “the social currency of online marketing is action.” If your audience is not inspired to take action on your behalf then what is it all for?

Relevancy is a requirement to inspire and connect. Yappin’ is good but only if it’s inspiring others to yap about it!  Take the quick test below to see if it might be time to shut yer yapper for a bit and figure out how to deliver real value to your audience.

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Topics: inside sales tips, technology

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