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The Right Way to Generate Sales Candidate Referrals

Posted by Kyle Smith on Thu, Oct 23, 2014

Did you pay for your wedding cake on your one year anniversary? Did you put the down payment on your car after your first oil change? Ridiculous, right?

Then why do companies pay after the date of hire for inside sales candidate referrals?

There is definitely a talent crunch for SDR and ISR candidates. I’m seeing referral rewards of $500, $1000 and even $2000 for a single hire. That’s a big payoff, but the long odds encourage little effort. (Note: I’m talking about getting more referrals from your network - not from current employees.)

Many companies pay out after the candidate has been hired and working for 30, 60, or even 90 days. That length of time doesn’t incent immediate action and leads to little or no referral efforts.

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A Strategy for Dealing with Open Territories

Posted by Trish Bertuzzi on Wed, Jun 04, 2014

What happens when your top rep gives notice? Or an A-player goes on maternity leave? Or that amazing candidate takes another offer?

Turnover and open territories are a sales reality. They also take a big bite out of your revenue.

The other day, I was talking to a SaaS VP of Sales with a team of 34 closing reps. Internally, she was facing 28% attrition (both voluntary and not). Externally, a tough hiring market made positions harder and harder to fill.

She told me filling open spots was like a never ending game of whack-a-mole and put her ability to make the number at risk.

I offered this: Ranger Reps to the rescue

A Ranger Rep is a seasoned, organized, and team-oriented rep who thrives on change and challenge. 

Their mission is to help the team hit the group number by flattening the dips that come from losing reps. Ranger Reps are there to cover (and sell!) in your open territories.

E.G., your Boston Rep goes on maternity leave for 12 weeks – move your Ranger Rep to that territory.  Or your Rocky Mountain Rep quits – assign your Ranger Rep.  Your Higher-Ed Rep takes an internal position outside your team -- Ranger Rep to the rescue.

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Teaching Sales

Posted by Matt Bertuzzi on Wed, Feb 12, 2014

My friend and sales trainer extraordinaire, John Barrows, has a great line:

There are over 4000 Colleges and Universities in the US. You can take Sales courses in fewer than 100. You can major in Sales in just 15.

Wow. There’s an obvious problem here.

Companies need a pipeline of sales candidates; while many Universities are producing graduates who’ve never seen the word ‘sales’ on the curriculum. Full disclosure: my degree in 19th century Russian literature left me unprepared for Day 1 at my first sales job.

Moving towards a solution

I recently met David McFarlane with the Entrepreneurship Center at UMass Boston. David has 25+ years in B2B with time as VP, Alliances, COO and most recently co-founder and CEO. He now serves as Director and Entrepreneur in Residence for the EC.

We had a good chat about ‘the state of sales education’ and David shared two ways that UMass Boston is addressing the problem.

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Does Grit Matter in Sales? [an experiment]

Posted by Matt Bertuzzi on Thu, Aug 01, 2013

A few weeks back, I sat on a panel at the Sales 2.0 Boston conference.

The conversation turned to sales hiring. It made me think about something I'd recently read about -- specifically, Angela Duckworth (from University of Pennsylvania) and her research on grit.

Dr. Duckworth defines grit as "sticking with things over the very long term until you master them." She writes that "the gritty individual approaches achievement as a marathon; his or her advantage is stamina."

I mentioned this research and offered to work with any Sales Leader in the audience to score their reps on the grit scale and look for correlation with their best performers.

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