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New ebook: PTO and the Sales Team

by Matt Bertuzzi on Tue, Jan 16, 2018

Last July, I posted a survey on this blog. My aim was to learn how most sales organizations are handing vacation for their selling reps.

  • When a rep takes a vacation, are they offered quota relief?
  • If yes, what are the policy specifics?
  • If no, how are leaders ensuring reps take successful vacations?

I thought a few dozen companies would respond and I'd have some interesting results to share with the community. It turned into something bigger. Over 200 sales leaders (team leads, managers, directors, VPs) and 340+ individual contributors (AEs, SDRs, CSMs, etc.) participated. I combed through more than 250 individual, anonymous comments. Additionally, I interviewed seven senior leaders on the topic—four on the record and three off.

I’ve compiled the results in our new ebook PTO and Sales.


The primary question the research answers is:

Do companies offer quota relief for pre-scheduled vacations? For example, monthly quota is reduced by 25% for a one-week vacation.

Our findings indicate a resounding NO. Whether or not relief is offered seems to hinge largely on four variables: rep role, sales calendar cadence, company revenues, and company type.


Part 1 of the ebook breaks down the survey findings and analyzes how companies handle PTO with their sales teams. Part 2 shares strategies and perspectives for blanacing making the number while also treating your people right. You can download your copy of the ebook below.

I hope you'll share what your thinking/seeing/doing in the comments. This is an important topic and one that's too often overlooked.


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