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Your Turn! Elevator Pitch Readers Vote!

by Matt Bertuzzi on Thu, Mar 19, 2009

UPDATE:  The winners moving on to the next round are:

Welcome to the 1st Round of the Elevator Pitch Contest Final 16! You can see the brackets here.

In this round, we will see:

  • 4 matches
  • each with 2 pitches going head-to-head
  • and you the readers voting for the winners.

So let's get to it. Please vote for the pitches that you think are most effective.

Round 1: Match 1

Sean Power of Martek Marine

Martek work exclusively in the Marine industry, working with our clients to reduce operating costs on all types of vessels, reduce emissions and meet legislative controls. The average payback for our solutions is 6-9 months, and we work with major vessel operators such as BP, Wihelmsen, OSG, Shell, Metrosar and Maersk.

Roger Llamas of Central Desktop

Central Desktop delivers a Web Based Collaboration software (Saas) for progressive business teams to interact, share and manage their daily work activities from anywhere at any time. It's also been designed to serve as a Company Intranet and Project Management tool as well.

Cast your vote in Match 1


Round 1: Match 2

Jeff Kostermans of LeadGenesys

It's like caller ID for the website. For less than $10/day, reveal 100% of your website visitors - before they fill out a form. Trigger instant sales alerts based on your own criteria.

Jonathan Morse of Tripleseat Software

Tripleseat helps restaurants capture and book more private dining business. We connect Restaurants private dining space to the Internet with Tripleseat's Booking Maitre' D. This powerful connection enables restaurants to take real-time booking inquires from their own website 24/7 and close business faster. Now restaurants can book more business in less time with automated web private dining inquires.

Cast your vote in Match 2


Round 1: Match 3

Caroline Margozzi of Market2Lead

Market2Lead helps marketers at BtoB companies to increase revenue while decreasing the sales cycle by: * automating relevant marketing messages & campaigns to a targeted audience * scoring leads according to your business rules * routing 'sales ready' leads to sales in real-time * assess results and effectiveness improving future sales & marketing performance.

Darrol Harris of Worry Free Help

Let Worry-Free Help manage your IT, so you only have to worry about running your business.

Cast your vote in Match 3


Round 1: Match 4

Dan Harding of ConnectAndSell

If you are a B2B sales rep and have experienced the frustration of trying to get to a decision maker on the phone. Now there is a solution for you. It's a technology that can help get the right people on the phone time and time again. In fact you can speak with as many prospects in one hour on the ConnectAndSell service as you would in an entire day of manual dialing. The system is simple to deploy, integrates with most CRM tools, and provides a strong ROI that your organization will benefit from on day one of using the service.

Irwin Grossman of TimeTrade Systems

We develop web-based appointment scheduling tools that enable your customers to self schedule calls and appointments over the web. ______ and ______ have rolled out our product and are experiencing a 20-30% revenue increase. Is self service scheduling something that would benefit you?

Cast your vote in Match 4

Polling with remain open for 72 hours. Please feel free to share your thoughts on the entries in the comments.

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