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BDR Compensation Calculator [TOOL]

by Matt Bertuzzi on Wed, Mar 05, 2014

We are neck deep writing the 2014 edition of our BDR / SDR metrics and compensation report. This year we had 200+ valid responses and roughly 160 of those shared compensation data. A huge thank you to all who participated! 

Since 2007, we've reported SDR compensation as a national average. Every year, you've asked for more specifics (how about our region, our price point, our hiring profile, etc.).

Well, I finally have something to share.

This year, we isolated 6 variables that impact compensation. The result is our new BDR Compensation Calculator. See a sample 'output' below.

BDR Comp Plan Calculator

A few quick notes:

  • The full BDR/SDR report will be out in April (2012 report here)
  • Compensation data for roles based in US 
  • This version doesn't factor in caps or cliffs  
  • I've tightened the calculations to +/- 5%, but no tool is perfect

I've included help text within the tool. I also shot a quick video walkthroughI hope you find it useful.

Get the Comp Calculator >>

Matt Bertuzzi

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