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Converting Web Leads: Get Sales & Marketing on the Same Page

by Matt Bertuzzi on Thu, Jan 15, 2009

The other day I emailed our Sales team about our new research report and I received an email response that read:

Matt, this is great stuff.
I especially like that you forwarded all the links to the information so that we know what the prospect sees.

This simple exchange really got me thinking about how we Marketers roll out new content, landing pages, calls-to-action, etc.

In my email I included 4 quick bullets:

  • The news about the report going live on our site
  • A link to the landing page
  • A link to the thank you page
  • A link to the document

I imagine that many of you send and/or receive similar emails of your own. But I also can guess that some don't!

How can a Sales person speak intelligently when following up on a lead if they don't know:

  • What the offer included
  • How the content was presented
  • What must have motivated the prospect to act

You might say "My Sales team is absolutely aware of all three!" but are you sure?

I download a lot of registration-required content and I can assure you that more than 50% of the resulting voicemails sound exactly like this:

"Matt, I am just calling to follow-up. You recently expressed interest in our company..."

Actually I didn't. I expressed interest in the content offered on your site. Wouldn't a better message be:

"Matt, I saw that you downloaded our Lead Scoring Best Practices Ebook.  It would be my pleasure to review the data with you and share other emerging trends we are tracking."

Sales and Marketing must be on the same page to effectively convert web leads. So here's what I propose as a process. For existing web content:

  • Get marketing & sales in a room/on a web meeting
  • Walk through the current landing pages/forms on your site
  • Discuss the calls-to-action
  • Explain the content being offered
  • Highlight the keywords and buzzwords that you think will get traction

Then, going forward, Marketing will create a document that captures just this information and distribute it to Sales when new landing pages / calls-to-action go live. 

Do this on a regular basis, and you will see not only an increase in lead conversion but also in satisfaction ratings between Sales and Marketing. 

Revenue generation is a team sport!  What does your organization do to share information?

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