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New Book Giveaway: 5 Minutes with VITO

by Matt Bertuzzi on Wed, Dec 17, 2008

Tony Parinello (the VITO guy) and David Mattson (a Sandler guy - CEO actually) have written a great new book Five Minutes With VITO. Many of you are probably familiar with one or both of these schools of sales. I am a couple pages shy of finishing and am really enjoying the read.

More importantly, I have 3 copies I would love to share.

Five Minutes with VITO Overview

The book is an impressive & usefull blueprint for top down selling.
  • Strategies behind it
  • Preparation for it
  • Roadmap of it

The book makes the case that Sales is about reaching out to & having effective sales conversation with Very Important Top Officers.

How to Win a Free Copy of Five Minutes with VITO

  1. Contribute to the conversation (comment) on any of our blog posts.
  2. Thursday December 18th @ 12PM will be the cut off for entry.
  3. 3 winners will be randomly chosen.
  4. If you haven't already, feel free to subscribe to this blog via RSS or email. Not required, but appreciated.
  5. We will post the winners on Thursday afternoon.

Good luck to all!

Thanks to all who participated. And a special thanks to the authors Tony & Dave for stopping by the comments (oh yeah and for writing a great book too!)

On to the 3 winners:

Thanks to all & happy holidays.

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