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5 SDR Metrics You Should Know

by Trish Bertuzzi on Thu, May 22, 2014

At long last, we are publishing our  SDR Metrics & Compensation Report. I want to thank the 222 technology companies that participated. In this report, we compiled 37 pages of data, insight & trends.

For those of you who don’t have the time or energy to read the full report (and I hope you find both at some point), I thought I’d share a few snippets with you.

1. SDR specialization hits 40% adoption! Companies are splitting inbound & outbound roles.

We expect role specialization to continue along the adoption lifecycle following an earlier shift on the ‘closing’ side of the house – specialization into hunters and farmers. (Page 9)
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2. For SDRs, Sales experience prior to hire has dropped to 1.8 yrs. An all-time low.

Three times as many companies require ‘Less than 1 year’s sales experience’ in 2014 as did in 2010. (Page 13)
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3. SDR months at full productivity dropped to 22 months. Tenure is flat, ramp is rising!

Months at full productivity is tenure minus ramp time. Companies hiring the least experienced reps had significantly fewer months at full productivity. (Page 16) 
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4. Dialing technology works! Delivering a 22-34% bump in connects per day.

Up sharply from 2012, 27% of respondents reported adopting a dialing technology/service. (Page 28) 
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5. SDRs making 6.1 attempts per inbound prospect. But 30% more for outbound (7.8).

We found that, on average, SDRs make 7.3 attempts per prospect. This is up from 5.6 attempts in 2012. (Page 30) 
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You can download the full report below. I hope you'll take a look and come back to share your thoughts.

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