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LinkedIn Fundamentals for Sales Reps

by Janet Stucchi on Wed, Jan 16, 2013

I'm sure you've noticed that over the last 6 weeks LinkedIn has been rolling out new profiles for all users.

In light of the major refresh, I thought it a great time to address the most frequently asked question I hear on Social Prospecting:

What separates the most effective Sales Reps on LinkedIn from the rest?

So together with Lynn Hidy from UpYourTelesales, we set out to deliver an answer. We found that that the best social prospectors:

  • Gear their profiles towards their buyers, their market & the value they bring
  • Make growing their LinkedIn network a priority
  • Are plugged into the LinkedIn Groups where their prospects participate
  • Are just plain better at searching LinkedIn

We put our thoughts together into an ebook: The Fundamentals of LinkedIn for Sales Reps. Here's a quick preview:

You can access the full 37-page ebook (no registraion required) below.

Feel free to share it with your teams. We've included a checklist at the end of the ebook. It should help you work with your reps to make sure they have the fundamentals of LinkedIn well in hand.

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