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Which Star Trek’er are you?

by Matt Bertuzzi on Fri, May 15, 2009

It's Friday afternoon and it isn't month/quarter end (yet), so I thought a Friday fun post might be in order.

This morning I caught a hilarious post by Steve Johnson, of Pragmatic Marketing, on personas in technology companies as characters from either Star Trek (the original or The Next Generation).

Warning: some of these cut deep! But I am fan of equal opportunity mockery and hope you are too.

Some highlights:

Sales People
as Captain Kirk: "action without thought, asking for the impossible and frequently violating the prime directive"

Marketing People
as Bones (Dr. McCoy): "emotion without logic, frequently complaining about what they aren't: "Damn it, Jim. I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer."

Product Managers
as Scotty the chief engineer: "tells Kirk that whatever he wants is impossible and fifteen minutes later, says, ‘Okay, you've got warp drive.'"

President / CEO
"Back at Starfleet, without a clue of what is really happening in the field"

Steve goes on to describe how these personas need to be more like The Next Generation. It's definitely a bit geeky but worth the read. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Coneee

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