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Part 2: Executive Interview Q2 '09

by Trish Bertuzzi on Thu, Apr 09, 2009

This is the 2nd half of our interview on Inside Sales methods, metrics & strategies with Bob Memmer, Director of Sales for Jigsaw, (read the first part).


What technologies are in place to support your team's efforts?

Bob, how do you motivate your reps? What is their career path?

We have a great culture.  We are very focused on awards and once a month we take out everyone who made their quota to a reward luncheon.  We don't do many spifs anymore as I feel like they lost their charm and that recognition is now a better motivator.

As far as career path, an ADR can progress from that role to an AE and then out to the field.  We are fans of promotion from within.

Jigsaw did something interesting in that they chose to build their Sales and Customer Service team in Idaho. How did that come about?

Interesting story... Jim Fowler, one of our founders, actually ran a ski resort in this area many years ago.  He became familiar with the area and loved it.  When they were thinking about building a strong Inside Sales team, they did research and found that was a very strong location for IS talent and that a lower cost of operation could be found here.  So, we built Sales and Customer Service here in Post Falls, Idaho.  We are about 25 minutes outside Spokane, Washington.

How and how often do you communicate with executive management about your challenges and achievements?

Lots of communication at Jigsaw.  We have a Board meeting every 6 weeks so that is like the "state of the union".  On a weekly basis I speak with our CEO and COO and every morning everyone can check our sales dashboards for snapshots of activity and performance.

Bob, what issues would you be interested in brainstorming with your peers about?

How do you keep up with the evolving world of sales...what is new and improved? Are there things out there in terms of efficiencies, what is the latest and greatest?

Last question - is Garth as funny in person as he is on his blog?

Funnier - he is the best story teller ever!

Thanks for this and I hope it drives both interest and business your way!

Thanks Bob.  You have shared great information and we really appreciate your time!


A note from Bob:
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