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Objection Handling: "Send me some information" & "I'm busy now"

by Debbie Boucher on Tue, Nov 11, 2008

An "objection" is a reason or argument presented in opposition as defined in Merriam-Webster.  For me, I don't need a fancy definition.  I do objection handling on a daily basis whether it's personal or work related.  

On a personal level, with two kids aged 11 and 8, objection handling is part of my daily routine especially with my "tween".  I've already heard, "You're ruining my life . .  ." which usually occurs when we are having a disagreement.  I never thought I would hear these words until she became a teenager . . . but I was wrong.   Most of the time (not always) she and I will come up with an alternate solution we can agree upon.    Mind you, she is the sweetest girl in the world and I wouldn't change her in the least.  Plus she is learning the art of negotiation or in terms of this blog ... Objection Handling.

As an experienced cold caller, here are a couple general Objection Handling tips to help you on your next call.

"Your product sounds interesting, send me some literature."

Or in today's terms, "send me an email and call me next week and hopefully I won't answer the phone".    Okay, so how many times have you heard this objection?  When I encounter this objection, I always feel the prospect is trying to get me off the phone, especially when it is at the beginning of our conversation.  Do you agree?    

Here's one way to handle this objection especially if you haven't qualified the prospect.    "I would be happy to send you appropriate information about our company, what specifically is your area of interest?" 

What this does is it helps you determine if the person is sincere and allows you to focus on a specific area for qualification.  You may be able to answer their questions immediately and eliminate the need for a stall in your sales process while you are sending information.  If they can't describe their area of interest, it means you haven't identified their pain or they simply aren't interested.  Either way, you have a better idea of where you stand with them.   

"I'm busy right now."

If you've read my other post, Sales Referrals Increase your Pipeline & Credibility, I'm a firm believer in using the Help Me Request.  This request has always helped me in my cold calling efforts.

Here's one approach:  "I won't take up your time but maybe you could help me... would you be the appropriate person to speak with regarding xxx"?

What this does is it allows you to confirm that you are attempting to contact the right person and if not, allows you to ask for a referral.

As always, if you have any suggestions that have worked for you, please post them!   And PS.. if you have a tween and have found something that works with the "you're ruining my life objection" - send that along as well!

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