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by Trish Bertuzzi on Wed, Feb 20, 2008

Just read an incredible post on about how to use a camera phone as a sales tool! 

When I first saw the title I was skeptical but the post contains 5 great ideas that never occurred to me.  The comment section contains additional ideas that are worth a read as well. 

"Tip 2: On the road to an appointment, you pass a brand new office park. Ah! New prospects! Don't we love those. Take a picture of the directory listing and call the companies located here when you get back to the office."

This got me thinking about other technologies we all have at hand but may take for granted. Here are 2 more tips of my own:

  • Tip 1: Did you ever leave a sales call and then get back to your office to write a proposal but you know you forgot one specific point the prospect had really responded to?  We all have so much stuff in our head that remembering every detail of the many conversations we have every day can be a challenge.  Well, here is a solution: Most phones feature a "record a message" function.  When you get in your car, and before you check voice mail and email, record yourself a message about the key points you need to outline in the proposal. 
  • Tip 2: We all carry ipods as part of our gear.  There are dozens of great sites out there you can download books on selling or even short podcasts on sales and marketing that are truly brilliant.  Build yourself a list of these sites and instead of grooving away to Zeppelin (yes I still love Zeppelin) listen to an expert and expand your mind!  We might not have time to attend a sales seminar but we all sure do spend plenty of time in our cars!

Ya gotta love technology! Feel free to share any additional ideas you have about how to use the tools we have at our disposal!


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