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Ask The Experts - Creating Territories

by Trish Bertuzzi on Thu, Oct 01, 2009

(This post is part or our ongoing series of Ask the Experts questions, please share your thoughts and experiences by posting comments!)

Keith Nealon, VP of Worldwide Sales for Conductor has a question he would like to pose to Inside Sales practitioners.


Keith's team is comprised of Demand Generation Reps that are responsible for setting meetings for a primarily Inside Sales force, with a small field sales force.


I'm interested in thoughts on innovative ways to setup territories (besides the usual geo, vertical, revenue splits) when you have a constantly growing (therefore resizing) Inside Sales team.

Does anybody have some ideas that are unusual and/or different and have created solid results? (e.g. example setting up a model based on first come first serve for new leads to the lead queue)

Topics: inside sales strategy, ask the experts, saas

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