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B2B Friday: Short Week – Great Thoughts

by Trish Bertuzzi on Fri, Sep 11, 2009

Welcome to B2B Friday, sharing the best most & most useful content we've recently run across.


B2B Thought #1: You can't increase "conversion rate" and ignore "connect rate"

Craig Rosenberg at the Funnelholic blog threw down the gauntlet yet again with his post on Increase in Connect Rate = Increase in Conversion Rate. I love Craig...he gets a conversation going! Here's an excerpt:

To be clear, it is my firm belief that demand generation is the art of getting the right person connected with the right sales rep at the right time. Just take that in for a second. Marketers ALWAYS try to achieve too much with their campaigns and in most cases they are trying to sell the product when what they really need to do is sell the next step.  I have said this a million times and I will say it again: The number one tool for conversion is the PHONE.  You can run campaigns until the cows come home and they will fail if your lead qualification or sales team is not on the phone converting them.

Trish here: I left this comment on the post:

Amen brother! The only thing a phone based lead generation team should be selling is the next step in the process. Arouse curiosity, close on the next step, arouse curiosity, close on the next step - rinse and repeat.

Now, that doesn't mean lead gen teams are drive by "appointment-setters" and then their job is done. The human touch should be integrated with effective delivery of content and all steps should move the process along. MOVE being the operative word. A lead is only good when it converts to a customer and to get them to do that, you have to move it through your well defined and repeatable process.

So, I am on your bus...connect and connect again - that is how you win.

Your thoughts?

B2B Thought #2: Take 5 minutes to congratulate yourself

In There's Light at the End of the Tunnel-But It Isn't the Time to Celebrate, Paul McCord warns us against letting up one iota even if we notice a "slight feeling that the weight of the past year may be easing". Paul delivers a hopeful and motivating thought:

Don't let your guard down but don't despair either.  You can get through this. The demands of slogging through this recession and then taking aggressive advantage of an improving market won't last a lifetime (although it may seem that way now). You've come a long way in the past year or so. You've done what so many haven't-survived a terrible recession.

No, it isn't over.

No, you can't let up.

But you're winning the battle and when the economy does recover, you'll be in a position to expand your sales business-and your income.

Take five minutes to congratulate yourself for your endurance, your determination and commitment to succeed.

OK, now back to work.

Matt here: Given what we've all been through and remembering today's somber anniversary, take those 5 minutes. Congratulate your team. Congratulate yourself. Like Paul says, "OK, now back to work."

Thanks for listening. Please share your thoughts.

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