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The Marketing Automation Drinking Game

by Trish Bertuzzi on Fri, Sep 23, 2011

This is a guest post from Steve Gershik, Chief Marketer at 28Marketing. Steve has been a VP of Marketing & demand generation leader for over 16 years. He's a very funny guy to boot.

A drinking game, if you can remember back to college, is where you watch a movie or television show and you take a drink every time some key term is mentioned.  Usually it's the utterance of some cliche, character tag line (imagine Seinfeld saying "Newman") or a ridiculous, abstract, content-free term.

The Marketing Automation space is rife with the latter, which prompted me, during a Focus teleconference with Craig Rosenberg, Carlos Hidalgo, Justin Grey and Adam Needles, to propose whether there ought to be a demand generation drinking game.

So here are a proposed few rules for the game.  Feel free to add your suggestions and modifications in the comments:

  1. Every time someone says People, process, technology, take a sip.
  2. If someone says marketing automation is easy, pour all your drinks into his glass and have him chug everyone's drinks.  He's going to need it.
  3. Whenever someone cites Sirius Decisions research, raise a toast in the direction of Connecticut and take a drink.
  4. Every time someone says "content is king," take a drink.
  5. If someone suggests creating an info graphic, consume the entire glass.
  6. Take one drink for every social media consultant you are current employing.
  7. Every time someone suggests doing a trade show because the lead quality is so high, drink a double.
  8. Whenever someone suggests aligning sales and marketing, everyone drink and then lock the person who said it in the supply closet.
  9. If someone says that sending an email newsletter out monthly is marketing automation, take a drink.
  10. Whenever someone uses a TLA (three letter acronym) to describe lead generation, lead nurturing, data management and reporting, chug the entire glass.

Note: Too much drinking is bad for you.

Be sure to check out the comments on the post, they are hilarious. Feel free to add your own rules as well!

(Photo credit: scottroberts)

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