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Sales 2.0 Conference Coming to Boston!

by Trish Bertuzzi on Mon, May 11, 2009

After huge success in San Francisco in March, the Sales 2.0 Conference is heading east to Boston on May 21st. And I'm delighted to be both presenting and participating in a panel discussion.

This event is a must attend for Senior Sales & Marketing Executives!  You can find the full agenda here.

Here are a few sessions I am particularly looking forward to:

Customer Engagement Strategies
Discover the best practices of three sales leaders who openly share how they engage their customers online and by phone. The presenters will review how their salespeople can launch their own marketing campaign, how their web team reads and responds to a prospect's digital body language and how they engage customers to collaborate and co-create the sale in a collaborative setting.
(Includes audience Q&A)

Sales Lead Management 2.0
Learn how leading companies are generating sales leads and what methods they use to move new prospects through the sales funnel. Three best practice presentations review how sales organizations are moving from human speed to Internet speed. The panel discussion will revolve around specific strategies to help salespeople pursue better opportunities, cut lead acquisition cost, and cut wasted time chasing unprofitable prospects.
(Includes Audience Q&A)

Social Networking in a Sales 2.0 World (I am on this panel!)
Learn how to leverage the power of social networking to increase your sales volume and velocity. These experts will show you how to use social networking sites so you can make more money off your personal and professional connections.
(Includes audience Q&A)

This is a very interactive conference with great speakers and presenters.  There will also be some of the most notable Sales 2.0 vendors strutting their stuff.  Vendors include: Genius, Jigsaw, ConnectAndSell, InsideView & more.  These guys are redefining how we sell and taking our game to the next level!

As an Inside Sales aficionado, I'll be in learning mode at the conference as well.  I'm looking forward to understanding more about the approaches and solutions of the companies presenting and sponsoring this event, and learning from those sales leaders who will be attending it. 

Want to learn more?  The conference site is here or give me a call at 978.562.2623 and I would be happy to chat. Hope to see you there!

Topics: inside sales management, best practices

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