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A Worksheet To Start The 2nd Half of 2012

by Trish Bertuzzi on Fri, Jul 06, 2012

The following is a guest post by Matt Heinz of Heinz Marketing. Matt's career has focused on revenue acceleration via sales & marketing strategy, demand generation and sales pipeline & process improvement. Enjoy!


It’s the start of the month, start of the quarter, and we’re now halfway through the year. Which also means you’re halfway towards hitting your original 2012 goals. Right? Right??

Maybe, maybe not. But Monday is the first [real] day of the new month, new quarter, and the rest of the year. No matter how great or how bad the first half of the year has been, Monday you get to start fresh.

Here are seven questions to ask yourself now, to help frame, prioritize and get after the second half of the year.

  1. What does success now look like on Dec 31?
  2. What will I do differently the rest of this year?
  3. What will I do more of the rest of this year?
  4. What project will I start and complete before Labor Day?
  5. Who are the 3 most important people for hitting my goals, and how can I help them more?
  6. What 3 things (or people) do I take for granted & need to appreciate and/or work with more?
  7. What 3 things can go wrong & how do I prepare to mitigate those risks?


Trish here. Now, as Sellers, we aren't necessarily the most introspective people on the planet. C’mon admit it…you know it’s true. But seriously, these are great questions.

Sales & Marketing Leaders:
Create a worksheet (paper, not email - it makes a difference) with these questions and ask your reps to fill it out and hand back to you by 7/16. You will learn a ton about how they view themselves, what they need from you and how well oiled your machine is.

Inside Sales & Lead Gen Reps:
This exercise will take you less than 10 minutes, but will force you to think your way through some pretty big issues. If you Manager doesn’t give you a worksheet to complete, create one for yourself, fill it out and hand it to them. The conversation that results can only lead to good things!

Well, gotta go. I'm off to create a worksheet for my team. Can’t wait to see what feedback I get! I'd love your feedback, so please share in the comments.

Happy Selling!

(Photo credit: kajvin)

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