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by Trish Bertuzzi on Wed, Jun 04, 2008

All of our clients are interested in learning how they can make their sales and marketing initiatives more effective by reaching more decision makers. Well, it all starts with the list. You can't target who you can't see.

Good lists with decision maker data is hard to find. Over the years it has gotten easier with many great online resources becoming available and Jigsaw has recently become a favorite of mine. For those of you that don't know, Jigsaw is a sales portal where you can buy or trade business contacts.

Well, Jigsaw has just done the unthinkable! Through their Open Data Initiative, they are now offering their data for FREE.

What??? Yes folks, you can now search for, select and download thousands of records at no cost. You can use this data to analyze territories, verticals or whatever else you always wanted to analyze but couldn't afford to.

This is going to turn the data business upside down! Check them out, download a list and go to town.

PS - While you are there, check out their blog Garth's World. Garth's view on the world is hysterically funny and will make you LOL!

UPDATE: The company data is free. When you download the company data Jigsaw will tell you how many contacts they have available for purchase. They are smart but they ain't crazy folks... they still have to pay the bills! 

Topics: cold calling, target marketing, lead qualification

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