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Inside Sales 2010: Metrics & Compensation

by Trish Bertuzzi on Wed, Jun 16, 2010

I'm very excited to announce the release of the 2010 Inside Sales Metrics & Compensation Report focusing on the “quota carrying"  Inside Sales function.

At the AA-ISP Leadership Summit in May I presented some of the findings (see below)

Let me share three data points I found interesting:

  • Since 2007, the average size of Inside Sales groups has almost tripled.
    Research by SKKU and MIT predicts growth of 800,000 jobs in Inside Sales while growth in traditional, field based, sales positions stagnates.
  • Average time to ramp a new rep is 4.5 months and average tenure is 2.9 years.
    Net, net… organizations really have to think about the lifetime value of their Reps. What can you do to ensure you make the most out of each hire?  What can you do to elongate the stay of “A” players?
  • In the past 3 years, quotas have risen nearly 33% yet the percentage of Reps making quota has fallen by 25%.
    Further: 42% of respondents reported less than 50% of their Reps at quota. Only 4% had greater than 80% of their Reps at quota. Ouch!

Lots more great info in the report!  Note: We'll also be publishing similar reports for Lead Generation groups and SaaS/Inside Sales groups - so stay tuned.

Our thanks to all who participated and, as always, feel free to call/email/comment with any questions you may have.


Get the Full Report:
2010 Inside Sales Metrics & Compensation

Research Report: Focusing on the Inside Sales (revenue generation) function. 

Inside Sales Metrics & Compensation: KPIs & trends

Based on 2010 survey of 115+ B2B companies.

Topics: inside sales management, metrics

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