Mythbusting Millennials

Separating Fact from Fiction for Managing Gen Y Sales Reps

Managing, motivating, and retaining Gen Y sales reps is hard work. There are countless (often contradictory) preconceptions about what makes millennial reps tick.

To separate the fact from fiction, we decided to ask them. We surveyed 983 Inside Sales reps on their current roles, motivations, needs, and future plans.

We opted to take a "Mythbusters" approach and tested 7 preconceptions - contrasting Gen Y's responses with those from Gen X and Boomers. And, wow, was it eye opening.

Gen Y Inside Sales Reps

The preconceptions we tested include:

  • Gen Y "wants more from their work than just a paycheck"
  • They "work to live, not live to work"
  • They "crave attention, constant feedback, and direction"
  • They "can't handle rejection"
  • And more...

We hope you both enjoy the data and find our results useful.