Inside Sales Abroad Ebook

Research on Inside Sales efforts targeting Europe

Looking to expand into the European market? Is it better to build in Cork, Ireland or Barcelona, Spain? Do you need native speakers or will fluency suffice?

We surveyed 75 North American B2B technology companies with inside sales groups targeting Europe. Our research focused on the inside sales (closing business) and lead generation (generating pipeline) models.

2015 Inside Sales Readiness ScoreIn The Bridge Group's new ebook, we reveals insights on how North American companies are approaching the European market. 

In the Inside Sales Abroad Ebook you'll find::

  • Popular locations for building inside sales groups
  • Cross-cultural & language considerations
  • Rep experience, ramp & tenure compared to US counterparts
  • Challenges around email acceptance, web meetings & contact/account data sources 
Posted by Matt Bertuzzi on Tues, Mar 4, 2015