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Hiring an Inside Sales Manager

Attract and evaluate the ultimate leader for your team.

When discussing inside sales leadership, everyone thinks: "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it."

But too few remember the flipside of that coin: "You manage things. You lead people."

Inside Sales veterans, Ken Krogue and Trish Bertuzzi, share how to attract, evaluate and hire the ultimate executive to lead your Inside Sales organization.

The ebook covers:

  • Effectively scoping the position
  • Evaluating for Inside Sales leadership
  • Onboarding your new leader
  • Creating the ultimate Inside Sales department

Inside Sales Consulting & Execution Services

Strategic Assessment
We rapidly translate what we uncover into the plays, process, and metrics you need to grow.

Sales Playbooks
We give every rep the tools, tactics and messaging to prospect and sell like your best.

Training & Coaching
We work with your reps to hone their abilities, spark prospect interest and generate opportunities.

Advisory Services
With our expertise and bandwidth, our team delivers insight, clarity and guidance.

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