Building Inside Sales

Framing a World-Class Group

The Building Inside Sales ebook shares key factors in building highly effective inside teams, including:

  • Which model is right for you?
  • Where should your team report?
  • Interviewing Inside Sales reps
  • Ramping your new hires
  • Pitfalls to avoid

(Excerpt from the Ebook)

Which Model is Right for Me?

Mistake #1: Assuming the model that you implemented at your last company and/or you read about in a book/blog will automatically be appropriate at your current organization.

If Inside Sales were one size fits all, CEOs would hire algorithms not Sales Leaders!


  • What's your name recognition in the market?
  • Selling to early adopters or more mature buyers?
  • Is your strategy primarily inbound (qualification) or outbound (prospecting)?
  • Does your sales process involve a demo/trial stage?
  • What is your average order size? Sales cycle length?