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New Rules of Sales Enablement: And Why They Matter

by Matt Bertuzzi on Thu, May 14, 2009

We need to rethink sales enablement as something other than a one-way deposit of sales tools in a portal.

This point was really driven home for me in the ebook: The New Rules of Sales Enablement (from Jeff Ernst, Kadient's VP of Marketing).

It's not often I finish a 34-page ebook in one sitting, but I did last night and you should too.

Jeff takes an old rules v. new rules approach in laying out his case: We need to shift our mindsets in a major way if our goal is to truly enable sales success.

Here are 2 takeaways I would like to highlight:

It's not about posting more collateral to a sales portal
Sales Reps will tweak, bend & sometimes break "corporate" sales tools in the search for something that works. They are much more likely to go back through their laptop for a "proven" tool than to download the "latest, greatest & approved" copy.

Given the choice, which would you honestly chose?

A) Using what has/is working for another Rep
B) Using what's new from "corporate"

To truly enable sales, the organization needs to discover "the messages and strategies that are resonating with buyers".

"Sales enablement is about ensuring salespeople are able to have valuable conversations that help buyers advance through their buying process."

It's not about burdening reps with complex reporting requirements
Believe me, I get it - you need complete & accurate data for forecasting, deal tracking, etc. But we have to face facts - Sales Reps hate to fill in fields, period.

It's not hard to see why. Much of CRM is built for Sales Leaders to track not for Sales Reps to learn, adjust & benefit. In short, we are asking them to put data in, but not delivering value back out to them.

Jeff's solution: "Don't take from Sales, give to them." If we want our Reps to use the tools (without having to beat them with a stick) "give them content and insights that helps them to be more successful in the field".

I highly recommend you take a moment and download the ebook now. Print it out, bring it along for on-plane reading, mark it up, but most importantly really think about how what these new rules mean for your team & your organization.

I know I certainly am.

Please share, what do you think about Jeff's New Rules?

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