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What is Your Sales "Reputation"?

by Debbie Boucher on Fri, Sep 05, 2008

If you are in sales, most likely you're a "people" person. I know I am. If I wasn't, I wouldn't have chosen a career that has me spending most of the day on the phone listening and talking to people. 

If I think about the number of "prospects" I've spoken with over the last ten years: # of years "x" the # of calls per day "x" the # of days per year . . . well . . . it's a lot!

I recently read a post by Michael Kreppein  ("Seth calls it "intangibles" I call it "reputation") that struck a chord with me.   Michael talks about his views on a salesperson's "reputation".  Below is an excerpt:

"It struck me that I consider all these intangibles to be my reputation.  Just like an intangible, it's hard to quantify reputation. You either have it or you don't. Your reputation with your customer is what keeps them coming back to you instead of saving money with your competitor. Your reputation is what gets you the warm welcome when you meet with prospects."

In my mind, reputation ties in with personality and focus. In sales, having a positive attitude and focusing on the prospect's issues is a must.  I truly believe "People buy from People".  The tone of your voice and your body language convey the passion you have for your solution and solving the prospect's problems.

If cold calling is part of your daily regimen, you are typically the first voice a prospect hears about your organization.  You need to not only understand the product you are selling, but also articulate how it solves a particular problem they are experiencing. 

Let's face it sales is a tough job, but the benefits and feelings of accomplishment are so well worth it; especially when customers reward us with repeat business and referrals.

Please feel free to share thoughts & comments about building a great sales reputation.

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