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Building Inside Sales: A Roadmap

by Trish Bertuzzi on Wed, Oct 14, 2009

We recently released our ebook Building Inside Sales: Your Roadmap to a Best Practice Group. I thought I would share a brief slideshare overview below.

I wrote the ebook to address some of the most critical questions around starting an Inside Sales team. Such as:

  • Why Inside Sales?
  • Which model is right for me?
  • Fundamentals of successful hiring
  • Ramping new hires
  • Much more...

So, who should read this ebook?
Well, everyone of course! If you are considering Inside Sales, this will give you some of the basics to consider. If you have Inside Sales, well you probably know a lot of this already but if you walk away with one new and interesting idea then our job is done.

Please bear in mind this is a roadmap not an owner's manual. Every company out there has their own set of specific market dynamics that can and will impact their unique implementation. Inside Sales is science, not art. The key to being successful with Inside Sales lies in:

Figuring out your unique formula and then executing flawlessly!

If, after reading the ebook, you have a particular question you would like to ask please feel free to post it in the comments section. We have a very knowledgeable readership and I know you will get some great answers!

Happy Selling!

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