Outbound Index - Issue #2

How does your outbound prospecting stack up?

In our work with Sales & Marketing Execs, we're often asked: "What kind of return should I expect from my team's outbound calling efforts?" Often the reply has been "Well, it depends."

B2B needs a metric to monitor, benchmark against, and to beat. Enter the Outbound Index.

Working with AG Salesworks, we build the Index on actual, transactional CRM data. We analyzed a cohort of 30+ outbound prospectors and a small mountain of lead, activity & opportunity data.

Issue #2 contains:

  • Analysis: 2013 v. 2012
  • KPIs from last quarter (Q2-2013)
  • Trends & implications

If your sales team is making outbound calls, this is a must read.

Posted by Matt Bertuzzi on Thur, Sep 20, 2013